About Erlinda

Erlinda HiacockI was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the rich colors of the land, and visiting plein aire painters sparked my artistic spirit.came to Big Sur at the impressionable age of 22.    It was a place for artists, a place to open up, dance and dream, touch the earth, breathe in fresh air, laugh, cry, and twirl under the stars.  I meandered on mountain paths, bathed under the full moon, and swam in the cold, clean rivers and ocean. 

In Big Sur, I met jazz pianist Michel Petrucciani, with whom I traveled the world for three years. I seized every opportunity to visit museums,  and stood bewitched and spellbound by the work of the masters. The fauves, impressionists, and expressionists, captured my heart and stirred my soul. 

Later, married, and with two children, I gave myself the best gift of my life. I joined a small group of women painters, being taught by Ronna Rio Emmons.  Painting evolved my ability to express myself, and connect in a deeper way with the spirit world.   I studied with Ronna for three fabulous years.  

I recognize now, that I’ve always been an artist, and I’m fortunate to have found my medium.  I’m a painter.  Sometimes it's  challenging and frustrating, and sometimes it's fluid and easy. I paint in layers, with memories weaving through my work. I'm touched, when people connect to my art, and I'm thankful to those that purchase my art. The support of both helps me to continue on my artist's path.    

Erlinda Montaño-Hiscock   b.-1954